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Terracotta Statuette of a Woman
This terracotta statuette of a woman is characteristic of Hellenistic figurines in this region.   The woman appears to be is wearing a cloak over her left shoulder, a common fashion for married women.
Height: 8.2 cm, Width: 6.2 cm


Bronze Object
Note the eagle head tips on this bronze object, possibly a broken handle from a metallic vessel. The lower portion of the object (not seen in this image) displays the face of a helmeted soldier. 
Height: 7.4 cm, Width: 5.5 cm





Decorated Pottery
A display showing a sample of the diverse decorated pottery types found at Ziyaretsuyu.  The majority of the pieces are modeled on a Hellenistic ivy-painted form or an Iron Age style known as sigillata.


Strap Handles
Display of various “strap handles” found at Ziyaretsuyu.  Made of sand, limestone, mica, and trace amounts of chamotte.  A total of twelve handles were discovered at Ziyaretsuyu.  Some pieces display finger-impressed décor.


Decorated Ceramic
A few of the ceramic vessels discovered at Ziyaretsuyu were decorated in the ivy heart-shaped motif as shown here.  This rare style is a remnant of an Iron Age ceramic tradition that remained to the Roman Period in some areas.


Made of dark brown stone.  There are scratch lines on the whorl due to use on the disc-shaped spindle-whorl. It was shaped by hand.
Diameter: 1.9 cm, Thickness: 0.7 cm, Inner Diameter: 0.4 cm


Storage Vessels
This display shows a sample of the diverse pottery types found at Ziyaretsuyu.  The sheer volume and variety of ceramic vessels uncovered here suggest a densely populated settlement along a trade route.


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