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Terracotta Figurine

Terracotta Figurine
This terracotta figurine depicts a child riding a horse and wearing a cape and possibly an ivy garland. The figurine probably dates from the period of Roman burials at the site, beginning in the 2nd century AD.
Height: 14.4cm, Width: 7.8cm, Thickness: 0.4cm


Baked Clay Sigillata Bottle
Orange-buff, red coated, well baked. Mouth edge drawn outward, with form getting thinner from body towards mouth, short round base. All preserved except small broken part in rim.
Height: 16.5 cm, Middle Diameter: 2.4 cm, Base Diameter: 3.6 cm, Circumference: 4.5 cm
Date: Late Hellenistic



Collections of coins discovered at Yüceören.  Found inside the tombs dating between the 3rd Century BC through the 3rd Century AD, these coins help archaeologists date Yüceören.



Carnelian Ring Stone
This winged youth depicted on a carnelian stone set in a ring from the 1st century AD is Eros, the Roman Cupid and son of Aphrodite. Eros was associated with love, lust, and fertility.


Ceramic Oil Lamp
Lamps, such as this example, were mass produced throughout the classical world during the first centuries of the common era.  This example may have been left by someone who was visiting ancestors, or a grave robber.
Height: 2.5 cm, Width: 7.05 cm, Length: 9.3 cm


Double-Handled Pot
Made from yellowish brown clay and some limestone.


Ceramic Unguentarium
Flat-based, long-necked, oval-bodied unguentarium; well-baked, homogenous paste, plain, with traces of wheel on surface. Bottom section has thicker wall than other sections. All of mouth and part of neck missing.
Height: 10 cm, Width: 6.3 cm, Base Diameter: 4.3 cm
Date: Mid-1st century A.D



Circular Ceramic Lamp
Fully-preserved. Discus divided into six metopes which are wider around wick hole and decorated with series of three dots between them. Flat base surrounded by two concentric grooves, and decorations of a single row of dots between groves.
Height: 2.24 cm, Diameter: 8.45 cm
Date:  Seventh or eighth century A.D


Fusiform Ceramic Unguentarium
Height: 12 cm, Center Width: 6.1 cm, Circumference: 0.45 cm
Date: 2nd or 1st century B.C


Glass Bead with Spiral Motif
White, spiral motif glass bead, which broadens from hole towards body.


Glass Unguentaria
This example, are typical of Hellenistic and Roman funerary sites.  They often held oil, or other materials for grave rituals and may also have served as a grave offering,
Height: 8cm, Middle Diameter: 2.8cm, Base Diameter: 1.1cm, Base Height: 3.6cm



Gold Earring with Amber Stone
Gold earring with amber stone and round hoop, made with filigree technique. Found in double-chambered tomb that yielded numerous other finds, including the remains of 22 separate individuals, of whom 14 were adults and eight were childrenThis tomb housed many artifact finds as well such as the gold earring displayed here.



Iron Ring with Carnelian Stone
This iron ring with a carnelian stone was found at Yuceoren in a double-chambered tomb that yielded numerous other finds, including the remains of 22 individuals, of whom 14 were adults and 8 were children.
Width: 1.25cm, Length: 2.15cm
Date:  1st Century AD



Terracotta Head Figurine
Details of face completely eroded. Only the fore part of head intact, back part broken.
Height: 3cm, Width: 2.2cm, Circumference: 0.5cm


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