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Horse Seal

Stone Seal Depicting Horse
This stone seal depicting a horse was found on the chest of an Iron Age burial in Güllüdere.  A hole on the reverse side could have been used to suspend the stone.
Width: 1.9 cm, Length: 1.4 cm, Thickness: 0.24 cm 


Gravestone with Malta Cross Inscription
Grave stone with Malta cross inscription from the Medieval Period.
Height: 27.5 cm, Length: 19.5 cm, Width: 10 cm


Gravestone with Clover Cross Inscription
A Medieval Period grave stone with a clover-decorated cross was unearthed at Güllüdere.
Height: 65 cm, Length: 50 cm, Width: 16 cm


Miniature Hand-Shaped Container
Miniature hand-shaped container from the Medieval Period.  Fired and polished.
Height: 5.5 cm, Rim diameter: 4.5 cm, Bottom diameter: 3.8 cm


Ceramic Jug
This drawing shows a utilitarian Medieval terracotta jug with a folded mouth and incised decorations around its shoulder. It was thrown on a potter’s wheel and then burnished or polished. 
Height: 5.7cm, Width: 1.4 cm


Terracotta Handle Depicting Eagle Head
This fragment of a terracotta handle has been interpreted as the head of an eagle. Believed to date from the Iron Age, it was part of either a free-standing figurine or a ceramic vessel.


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